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Emerald Pool

Emerald Pool in KrabiEmerald Pool is formed by hot spring water located in the lowland forest of southern region. The hot spring with temperature around 30-50 degrees Celsius, generates a beautiful swimming pool in the heart of serene forest and its attractive surroundings. The water is greenish blue and subjected to change by day, time and lighting conditions.

Tourists Enjoy Swimming in Emerald Pool in KrabiA walk from the parking lot was about 800 meters to the Emerald Pool. Visitors can choose to have more natural trail by the distance of 2.7 kilometers known as the Tina Joliffe (Thung Tiao) Trail, named after an English activist wanting to conserve this batch of rainforest. Either way will continue to meet at Emerald Pool.

Tourists Enjoy Swimming in Emerald Pool in KrabiIt is recommended that visitors walk into the Emerald Pool in a normal path then return by the Trail as a loop. The trail contains the forest-green glow. Surrounding is a source of birds, rare birds such as Gurney’s Pitta, Rufous-collared, Kingfishers, Black Hornbills etc. During the walk visitors will find a very attractive large green pool and small streams along the way.

Helpful Information:

Open: Daily 8.30 am – 5 pm

Admission Fee: Foreigner; Adult 200 Baht, Children 100 Baht


56 KM South East from Krabi Town